Window Terminology

What is the U value?

The U value, that is the thermal insulation measure, plays an increasingly important role. The U value (heat transfer coefficient) describes how much thermal energy is transported through a building component with the size of 1 square meter.

To put it in simple terms:
The lower the U value, the better the insulation qualities of the window.

Ug = thermal insulation value of the glazing
Uf = thermal insulation value of the window frame
Uw = total thermal insulation value of the window

Windows made by Builders Windows & Doors meet or exceed current and future energy efficiency guidelines. You will never have to worry about saving energy!

Terminology of window types

With Builders Windows & Doors uPVC window profiles the most diverse window types can be manufactured, for example single-sash or multi-sash windows, sliding windows, sliding doors and many more.

For the optimal use of the available space and in order to ensure adequate ventilation, the way of opening plays a crucial role. And, of course, the window type should also suit the building’s architecture.

Available window types

fixed-glazingFixed Glazing

folding-windowFolding Window

lift-and-slide-windowSliding Window

sliding-windowTilt and Slide Window

tilting-windowTilt Window

tilt-and-turn-windowTilt and Turn Window

window-opening-inwardsWindow Opening Inwards

window-opening-outwardsWindow Opening Outwards