Laminate Glass

  • Anti-bandit to provide superior protection under impact
  • Bullet & blast resistant for extra security
  • Available in curved glass
  • High performance glass suitable for roof 
  • High performance glass suitable for floor glass

Laminate Glass is designed to remain intact or to break safely in such a way as to reduce injury. Our Laminate Glass is manufactured by combining two or more panes of glass with one or more polyvinylbutyral (PVB) or Ionoplast interlayers. The interlayers ensure the integrity of the glass by holding the broken pieces in place should damage occur.

Key features of our laminate glass:

  • Optimum protection of people and property  
  • Used for a wide variety of applications, particularly beneficial for overhead glazing, balustrades, full height barriers, infill panels, Wallglass, doors and low level glazing
  • A sophisticated solution for safety and security
  • Available in acoustic format. This special interlayer has a special dampening viscoplastic core helping to reduce the transmission of sound in noisy locations such as busy streets or airports